A Day Off

Sunday December 28

Took a walk this morning around Lahaina, which is a resort town and ancient capital of the Maui kings. To me it is a typical beach community like Laguna Beach in California, except it has the charm of the local Mauian people. A lot of Maui has been swallowed up by big international resorts. Lahaina has not. It is not the place of the big money, it is the place of the secondary hotels. My hotel is older, but nice. In fact I have a penthouse suit on the 7th floor of a building that is right on the ocean. My rooms opens to the ocean and as I write I can feel the ocean breezes and hear the sound of the waves. It just does not get any better. The air is only slightly humid and in the 70s, which is cool for Maui I am told. This is no problem for me. Compared to Europe the prices are cheap. I had a breakfast of cottage cheese, fruit and granola, and green tea for just $8. In Europe even such a meager breakfast would cost over $30. I was expecting my hosts to see me at some point today, but apparently not. They are happy to just have me come for the wedding tomorrow. This means I have the whole day in heaven to myself. Wow, a paid vacation! I will explore this island paradise.

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