To my love,

All night I have been dreaming of Bharat.
I want to bathe in her Ganga.
I want those sacred waters to wash over me.
I want to drink and taste those sweet waters.
My desire is to kiss the ground of Bharat and envelope myself in her land.
I wish the wheaten dust of Bharat to cover me head to toe.
I want to feel the mountains of Bharat against my chest.
I want to be in her arms. I am home sick for my Bharat, the land of my soul.
I want to go home.

And yet I live in exile, outcaste from my home.
Perhaps in the past I lived in the land of Bharat, but I took her for granted.
Perhaps I walked on her sacred land without caring.
Perhaps I took her for granted so she sent me away to the land of the mlecchas,
To learn respect and to learn love.
Please take me home. Wash me in your sacred waters.
Invigorate me and never let me go.

Your lover

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