Breathing in Kauai

Breathing in Kauai
November 4, 2011

This morning I spent over two hours with the families preparing the details for tomorrow’s wedding. After that I drove a few places around the island. It’s beautiful beyond comparison, but I think the scenery is better on Maui. Personally, what I like best about this place is the air. It’s the water in New York City, here its the air. Every breath is soothing. Every breath is energizing. Every breath is full of vitality. Every breath is nectar. Tonight I went to the beach just to stand in the surf and breathe. I sleep with the patio doors open just to hear the surf and breathe the air. I relish every breath.

Driving around the island I am overwhelmed by the color green. Green is such a wonderful color! I forget this living in my brown brown desert world, but here everything is not just green, its emerald green, shimmering and full of life. My eyes soak this color in like its nectar. This place reminds me of Britain. The UK is also a green world. Today I saw some fields so green they reminded me of Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plain. This is an enchanting mystical world. I love being here.

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