Chicago September 21, 2011

The skyscrapers of Chicago are beautiful. In Manhattan they are so packed together you can get no perspective to see what they actually looks like. But here in Chicago, because they’re spread out you have space between the buildings. One is able to stand back and actually look at the shapes and the contours of the buildings. Today I walked along the Chicago River where you can see these skyscrapers lining each side of the Chicago River. Who says there’s no beauty in modern urban architecture? I also strolled towards Lake Michigan along the Lake Shore Walkway and was able to look back into the city to again see all the beautiful shapes and contours of Chicago’s skyscrapers. In New York you can hardly see this unless you get on a boat and go out into the river. But here in Chicago you have a city view from various large parks and walkways.

When I first came to New York City and now to Chicago I came with a negative attitude expecting to see the stereotype image of a northern American city, cold, dangerous, and a wash in graffiti. On the contrary I have found lively and dynamic places with a whole world of their own. Both Manhattan and Chicago are full of life and are safe and actually beautiful.

Both cities have something I certainly didn’t expect, people living in the downtown core. Not people coming during the day to work, only to then abandon the downtown after work. This is Los Angles. In Manhattan and Chicago after work-time there’s a roll out of a new mood of entertainment, restaurants and shopping till late at night. In Chicago walked the downtown late each night until midnight and never felt unsafe or insecure. I hardly saw graffiti. The transit system of Chicago is excellent. I was able to travel directly from O’Hara, the main airport, right into the downtown of the city on a single subway line. The cost was $2.50. It does not get any better. I love Chicago.




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