Turning On

Wednesday, August 25, 2004 10:09:25 PM

I was planning to go back to the city this afternoon, but as it turned out I just felt like laying around and sleeping for the day. So I am still in the desert. Sometimes, after a long work stretch all I can do is sleep for a couple of days in order to recover. It is a strange thing, the more I sleep the worse I feel. It is like I have to go through “layers” of recovery in order to get out of the fog. I am actually a very quiet and introverted personality, but when I get into a crowd I “turn on” and become another person.

This “turning on” process involves adrenaline and so the turning off process involves the burning off of this adrenaline. This is why I call Monday, hangover day. I am literally hung over from the weekend hormone (adrenaline). I understand why entertainers and people who deal with intense public situations resort to drugs. They use them to switch on or switch off. My desert solitude is my coping means.

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