Desert Heat

Joshua Tree, CA

The weather has been extraordinarily hot here in California. Driving on the freeway my car thermometer read 46 degrees Celsius at one point. Even tonight as I write the temperature is still around 40. My AC is running full blast. Usually it cools down in California. The nights are wonderful, but not tonight. We are in the depths of summer and in this heat the mind ceases to function properly. This reminds me of the cold winters in Canada. There was a time in the winter when the thermometer would drop below -40 degrees for weeks on end and the brain would cease to function. That is what it is like here in the depths of the California summer. Anna, once you have lived for just one winter in a warm climate that never gets frost or snow you are spoiled for life. When I was 24 I spent my first winter in Los Angeles. The next winter I was back in Canada. It was February 1st and the temperature was 40 degrees below zero and I remember asking myself what in God’s name I was doing in such a hellish place? I moved back to the southern United States as soon as I could.

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