The Desert Night

No words can describe the beauty of an evening in the California desert. The days are hot, and hot here means interminable heat. The sun is relentless. Everything is drenched in unending sunlight. Ah, but the nights. They are nectar! The heat evaporates the moment the sun says goodbye and a refreshing cool blanket of air descends. In a couple of minutes the moon will rise and bring some refreshing light. But for now it is dark like you can not imagine.

There is an unwritten law amongst the residents of the desert not to have outside lighting. So except for a few dim window lights of my neighbors it is dark. I can see the milky way. In Hinduism the milky way is called Divya Ganga, the heavenly Ganges. This river in the sky crosses the universe and falls to earth as the river Ganges. It is said that if you bath in this river, all your sins are washed away. I have bathed in that Ganga and now I see that same Divya Ganga flowing overhead. Hail to that Ganga whom I worship for her beauty!

I now see a tiny glimpse of a golden moon peaking at me over the horizon. A few coyotes sing a welcome. The night hunt begins.


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