iPhone in Europe

July 26th, 09, London

There is a brand of “smart” phone called an iphone that I am currently using here in Europe. These devices are not phones at all. They are mini computers and I can not tell you how wonderful they are while traveling. I hope my data package does its job because I have been using it a lot. Not only in calling, but also for text, email, music, photos and even internet searches. These phone has become my closest companion and my link to home. Here I have only a slow data network (EDGE). Faster phones and networks are in the works so I can only imagine how this will work with a faster network, GPS and other features that are coming. It is also amazing to watch this phone automatically change networks as I move around. Europeans use their phones much more than Americans because of this. My phone can even downloaded a youtube movies while I walk in the streets or ride in the underground! In the future when some reads this I am sure they will smile, but this is cutting edge technology at this point in history. And remember when I was born television had only started and even then it was only black and white. North America seems to be using more WiFi networks. Here the cellular network is king. The iphone takes this a step further because of its ease of use and large high quality screen. I have no doubt developed what is a bad habit. In order to tolerate the crowd and spend more time in a museum I have found that if I use a set of “earbuds” I can shut out the world and spend a lot more time in a museum European trance music is ideal for this. Just plug in and charge ahead into samadhi. LOL

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