Impression of Milan


I arrived in Milan by EuroStar train from the Italian east coast on Thursday evening and left by 9:00 AM Friday morning therefore my time in Milan was limited. However, my impressions of Milan are positive. I did some shopping on one of the major downtown streets and then traveled by subway to the Dumno. The Dumno area of Milan is spectacular. Unfortunately the whole facade was under renovation so I could not get a good view. The entrance ways into the square have been covered with vaulted glass to make an outstanding outdoor mall filled with trendy stores and restaurants. I dinned at one of these outdoor cafes. Milan is a city that I want to return to. It is clean safe and well organized and it felt exciting to be there. In all the places I visited throughout Italy I always found the Italian people to be warm, friendly and accommodating. Even in a big urbanized city like Milan I found this to be true. Milan was my last stop in Italy and it left me with good impressions of Italy.






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