My Little Friend

My ‘shack’ is a tiny cottage nestled in the side of a hill facing the wilderness area on the edge of Riverside. Extending for a thousand feet in front of my home, there is a ravine that opens to the foot of three ancient volcanos. These great giants have watched over this ravine for millennia. The sound of the city can never be heard from my shack. It is always silent and peaceful here. Overlooking my home are three glorious trees, two orange and a carob. To the right of my shack is a walnut tree which is only 6 years old, but in a decade, will rule as king. Tonight a friend has arrived. A tiny songbird is perched in one of the trees above my shack and every year, for the last ten years, this little bird arrives by mid-July and sings to his heart’s content every night starting at midnight. And so, for the first time this year, he is again offering his lullaby, that as I listen, puts me into a deep and restful sleep.

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