As you know Hinduism teaches that each of us has lived for many lifetimes. This, of course, is the cycle of birth and death, and the process of moving from one lifetime to the next is called reincarnation. This you … Continue reading


I have told you many negative things about Krishna Consciousness and I am sorry to say there is more to come. So you may wonder why I would stay so many years. But Krishna Consciousness has another side, an extremely … Continue reading

My Journey

This week I made two new posts. After posting these installments I felt uncomfortable. Am I publishing information that is too personal? I am making myself naked before the world? In the past I have written only academic and technical … Continue reading


The most fearful thing is to live without fear. It is out of fear that we willingly place ourselves under the power of others. It is out of fear that we relinquish our natural rights, and it is out of … Continue reading

A Priest is Not a Man

At a recent temple board meeting one of our members made an interesting statement. This was during a discussion on the priest’s role in different temple meetings, some of which are held exclusively amongst ladies. This member said, “A priest … Continue reading