My Journey

This week I made two new posts. After posting these installments I felt uncomfortable. Am I publishing information that is too personal? I am making myself naked before the world? In the past I have written only academic and technical writings, now I am doing something completely new. When I was a teenager I always kept a diary, which I still have today, but for various reasons, I have not been able to keep going. Now I am doing what I have wanted to do for years; I am filling out the details of that diary.

I have more than one reason for making these pages available. First, by writing these installment I am forced to reflect on my life and in so doing I allow myself to come to terms with important events of my life. This is therapy. Second, I am making myself available to my family. I have a large family, but because of my work I am not available to them as much as I should. When they are at home I am away; when I am home they are away. These writing instalments are my way of offering myself to my family and allowing them to know who I am and to show them their roots. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want these pages show the course of a spiritual journey. I want to give my readers a personal view of my spiritual struggle. I view my life as a spiritual journey through time and hopefully I can leave a few “markers” or guide posts along the way.

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