Concert in Notre Dame

Tuesday July 29, 2008

Last evening (Monday) I attended a concert in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. What a wonderful experience! When I think that I was sitting in this thousand year old cathedral, built at the time of Madhvacharya, my heart skips a beat. This cathedral has seen the likes of Christopher Columbus, Louis the XIV, the Sun King, and many many earlier kings. It has seen the coronation of Napoleon and has been walked through by Nelson, Einstein, Churchill, Gandhi and every other famous person on this planet, for no ones comes to Paris without visiting Notre Dame. And what famous person has not been to Paris? So to sit within this venerable and mighty building and to listen to its ancient pipe organ thundering away accompanied by horns, drums, violins and cellos, is a tremendous honor and a once in a lifetime experience. I am humbled.


Movie clip of the concert can be viewed here:

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