Why I Travel: Prelude to Spain

March, 7, 2010 Madrid, Spain


When you have stood under the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and looked up at Michelangelo’s magnificent fresco, the hands of God and man, when you have stood atop the Acropolis and marveled at the beauty of its architecture, when you have stood in Notre Dame Cathedral and heard the organ play a thundering Bach fugue, when you have stood on the Salisbury plain at sunset and seen the ancient ruins of Stonehenge; you become changed as a person. You expand your mind and emotions and you become lifted away from the daily struggle of simply living. People travel for many reasons, for pleasure, for business, for romance; who can count the reasons? But in the end travel moves you beyond yourself and allows you to see other possibilities and to have bigger dreams. Travel is about the nourishment of the soul. This is why I travel.

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