A short trip to the past

Yesterday I took a tour of the Campbellford area to visit all the places I used to frequent as a boy. I started with a stop at the cattle auction in Hoards Station and sampled cheese at the English Line Empire Cheese Factory. I was pleasently surprised to see how easy it was to talk with the farm people and generally fit in with the country people of Eastern Ontario. When it comes done to it there’s not a lot of difference between rural California and rural Ontario. The values are similar. I finished the Hoards trip with apple pie รก la mode. Later I drove to the old cottage, then onto Warkworth and Norham. There we saw the old house. It’s abandoned and ready to fall down. It was sad to see how fast thing degrade if not maintained. Yet on this trip I did not feel any of the old feelings of depression seeing all the changes like I did last time. Perhaps I’ve moved on since the last time and I happy to see the changes, which are mostly positive. For the most part the trees are all taller and new people and businesses have moved into old houses and shops.


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