Quebec City

July 11, 2013 What is the best way to approach a new city? Take the bus tour! So that was the main part of yesterday, but before that I watched the changing of the guard at the citadel. The citadel … Continue reading


August 1, 2010 Here are some odds thing I noticed while in Canada. There are still pay phones in the airports and streets of Toronto and Montreal. What does this mean? Canadians don’t have cell phones? English Canadians smoke less … Continue reading

Walking in Time

July 25, 2010 My flight to Toronto from Los Angeles was uneventful. I slept all the way. Once in Toronto I cleared customs and immigration and took a taxi to my parent’s home. I now find myself sitting in the … Continue reading


July 29, 2010 Montreal is all about being French in an English speaking universe. Montreal and Toronto are the two largest cities in Canada. They are both on the Great Lakes waterway and they are only about 750 kilometers apart, and … Continue reading