August 1, 2010

Here are some odds thing I noticed while in Canada.

There are still pay phones in the airports and streets of Toronto and Montreal. What does this mean? Canadians don’t have cell phones?

English Canadians smoke less than Americans.

French Canadians smoke at least as much as Americans.

The French use more hand gestures and stand much closer to each other during a conversation. I hate that. I’m a guy who needs more space than average.

The French greet each other with a double kiss, one on each cheek. I dislike hugging strangers let alone kissing them. I once hugged an Italian and made a life long friend.

French Canadians in Montreal live in far fewer single family homes, instead they live in multi dwelling three story homes.

There are far less trees in Montreal than Toronto.

The climate is much colder in Montreal compared to Toronto. Maybe affects the tree population.

Toronto has vastly more immigrants than Montreal. This is the number one difference between the two cities.

Montreal has more churches and bigger ones than Toronto. This is because it is a Roman Catholic area.

There are no above head advertisements in Montreal’s metro. There is no ac either.

Toronto’s subway has ac. Much better.

The roads are much better maintained in Canada than the US. By far.

There are no bill boards along Canadian highways. The US is a junky place because of this. This is the one thing that gives Canada the clean look.

There is much less graffiti in Canada compared to the US. Again less junk.

Canadians are much less obese than Americans. True.

The French are skinny compared to English Canadians. More true.

My father’s suspenders are un necessary. Makes him look older than necessary.

Canadian airport screening is about the same as US screening except you need more photo id.

No security dogs are seen in Canadian airports.

Neither country has military patrols in airports. In Europe the military patrol airports with machine guns, massive guard dogs and WMDs.

Much less military personnel are seen in Canada. That’s because Canada lets the US do its fighting for it. Plus with a beaver as the national animal who needs an army?

Canadians are really worried about the Russians taking over the Arctic.

Canadian television is much different than American. Let’s put it another way. There are not many American shows on Canadian tv because the government regulates content to preserve Canadian culture.This sucks, but is probably necessary. When you sleep next to an elephant certain protections are required.

Canadian radio content is much toned down compared to American radio content. Same reason as above. Plus we are more civilized. (Not actually true, but we like to think so.)

All man hole covers are bolted down in Canada. Security I suppose.


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