Mexican Bath

There must be a direct relationship between wealth, southern latitude and bathing. Here in Mexico I have come to the extreme of all three. I must tell you about my hotel bathroom. It is my dream come true. You had convinced me that my preoccupation with bathing was just a little pathological, but now I know it is not. It is product of wealth and tropical climates. The bath and shower in my suite is larger than my bedroom. It measures 6 meters by 8 meters. How perfect! There is even an open air balcony with sitting chairs and a small bed. The balcony is part of the bathroom and not the bedroom. The shower itself is open on one side, glass on the other and walled on the other two sides. It measures two meters by 3 meters. And this is just the bathing area. The walls are white tiles with black design tiles mixed in. It is gorgeous. I have two large sinks with a mirror running the length of the whole wall, 5 meters. The toilet has its own separate room. And of course the bathroom is fully air

conditioned and it has a ceiling fan. It is such a pleasure to shower with the balcony doors open and the sun streaming in. After bathing I sat on my lounge chair on the balcony reading the newspaper, sipping fresh mango juice and relaxing. Afterthat I took a short nap in the bed. I could spend my whole day just in the bathroom! Ah life does not get any better.



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