From Manhattan to Manhattan


I worked a noon-time wedding on Manhattan Beach in California with the emerald green Pacific Ocean, glorious palm trees, and sailboats in the background. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful backdrop for a wedding. A few hours later I boarded a flight to Newark, New Jersey and by noon the next day I was performing another wedding on the other side of the country looking at Manhattan New York from the shores of New Jersey. Again the view was spectacular! To look down the Hudson River and see the Empire State Building and then directly across to see the Manhattan skyline and then up the Hudson to see the Statue of Liberty was fabulous. During the wedding a plethora of boats—pleasure yachts, police boats, barges, and tour cruisers—went up and down the Hudson. For me, as a tourist, it was beyond belief. This was my weekend, from Manhattan Beach in California to the Manhattan skyline of New York City. What great job I have!


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