End of Construction II

But now that I am “self realized” (In fact I am worn out and I can barely look at a hammer without wincing.) it is time to turn my efforts to other matters and, of course, this can only mean writing for me. And so over the next few weeks all construction will cease in my life and I will turn my attention back to what is the true passion in my life, study and writing. But what will be the topic of my writing? I have been considering this over the last few months and at present I have three projects in mind. First, I want to produce a Hindu primer. Many students and parents ask for such a work. Second, like my Bhagavad-gita, I want to produce an edition of 10 Upanishads and finally, what is most exciting to me, I want to write a novel. All during these construction years I have continued to write and most of my writings can be found on the web in the form of my memoirs, but while I have been exploring this kind of writing I have become curious to write something in the literary realm. However, I worry. Can I do such a thing? Well, the answer is why not. If I can sweat copper plumbing, wire a house, cut floor drains into a concrete slab and install a shower, design and create a sewage ejection system, why can I not construct a novel? So now I am going to take a vacation in Europe and when I return I am going to attempt to become “self realized” again and take on these three writing projects.

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