Following the Sun

I’ve been driving my car, its shiny and new
Not knowing where I’m going, only to seek the limits of my heart.
I lay in bed, smiling and shining, I’ve found a new land.
There is honey and melons, nuts and beer,
There’s a party going on here, and the sun is just arising.

How are you? I’d like to know you.
Can we arrange a meeting? I know a place not far
I saw it in my car.
Oh, such a beauty!
I have searched my whole life.
Can I take you home and feed you nuts and beer?
The sun is high noon. Come touch my life.

I have studied and studied, read and read.
There was 26. I have 46 more, and now even I have 33.
Puskin was a fool, and beauty was his game
But the world came to his door and thanked him.
Who am I? Just a tiny fool?
Pushkin had his, I have mine.
The sun mounts its chariot and is heading home.

I’ve fallen into darkness and lost my way.
Help! Someone throw me a rope.
I want to see the sun again.
“Yes, but the sun has set for the day.
You’re driving at midnight now, waiting for the sun.
Why don’t you pull over and rest my son?
There’s always another day, the sun will shine again.”

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