Smart Phone Traveler

As I have mentioned, a wireless (smart phone) is an essential tool for a traveler. Just today I used my GPS to find my way out of the barrio, and to make my way back to the train station. I also used it to know which bus to take and to know which stop to get down from the bus to reach the station. I used my internet connection to decide if the place I had discovered was worth spending the time and paying the entrance fee to visit. In this case it definitely was. It was the Real Alcaza which looked barely worth it on the outside, but which would have been a terrible loss had I not made the visit. My google wikipedia search saved the day. I have also used my cellular internet connection to research a painting that I was standing before in a museum in live-time. How valuable is that? I have also used it to check restaurant, bank, embassy, airport, and hotel locations on a trip. This is not to mention airline and train schedules, and to confirm and download boarding passes and to cancel or make last minute reservations. The built in camera including video is also indispensable. I have used the camera to photograph and translate important documents and signs while enroute. All this is in addition to the ability to send and receive email and texts and the least used of all facilities, using it as a telephone with video to stay in touch with loved ones at home. Conclusion? Don’t leave home without it! A lot of people tell me to leave it at home just to save money and buy a cheap local phone. For me I will never do this. I need a full wireless device with a good size data plan. It is well worth the expense. At least it is for someone like me who is never able to plan ahead. My wireless is my greatest friend and travel companion on a trip.

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