South India

February 9, 1987 Vijawada (8 hours from Madras)

So now we are in the south of India. It is much different that the north. Hotter, cleaner, fewer beggars, more organized and less rushing. Now we are in the heat. I’ve been looking through my date book and I realize that by tomorrow we will have been out of NV four weeks. I can hardly believe it. To me it seems only a few days. Time flies by when you are traveling. Everyday we have been doing something and going somewhere. I also realize that I am quite tired. All this moving is hard work. The countryside in the south is beautiful. We’ve even seen orange trees. The scenery is tremendous, a lot of agriculture and mountains. After 2 weeks in Calcutta and Bengal the south is a pleasure. No crowds and clean and orderly even color television in the Madras train station. Even saw the police chase beggars away from the train station. The feeling up in these mts is uplifting and enchanting.

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