East and West

Wednesday, February 4, 1987 Krishnagar

Ice Cream

I am sitting in the train station waiting to go to Birnagar. I have about an hour wait. I am feeling a little lonely. I am starting to get a little tired of India and traveling. India is endless. You get into your hotel room or train bunk and you can turn it off for a few hours, but then you have to leave and go back into it all again. It’s impossible to get my westernization out of my head. I miss western foods and sounds. What can I say? Bengali music and tastes just doesn’t do it for me.

On the way from London

Probably in week we’ll be finished in Bengali and can get out. I like long train trips, it gives a chance to rest and think and digest everything. The plan is to travel as a bit of a holiday after Bengal. I am not looking forward to going back to NV and winter. After another week or so we will have worked our guts out. Traveling and interviewing people is hard work. I want to spend a few days on the beach in Kovalam and rest. Sun and serf. You’ll probably not like to hear this, especially if you’re living in NV in all that cold weather and craziness going on. I want to miss as much of it as I can. After the middle of February I have to go back to Vrindavan in order to interview Shri Vatsa and Visvambar Gosvamis. After that I have to go to Bombay to leave. My flight goes from there on the 25th of February. I will try to go all the way through to NY, but they may make me stop in London. If so there’s a few things I can do there. London was great. There’s a few books I should try to get there. I left my boots in Vrindavan so I hope most of the snow is gone by then. All I have are sandals now.

Love, Shukavak

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