Middle India

Thursday, February 12, 1987 Central India Somewhere between Nagpur and Bopal the terrain changes dramatically. The land is higher and rocky. We even passed through a of number tunnels. There is no more irrigated agriculture. I see lots of goats … Continue reading


Wednesday, February 11, 1987 Now I am alone. I purposely left Gaur in order to be alone. I have to become confident in moving around in the country. When I go with him, he dominates and I never learn to … Continue reading

Tirumala Temple

February, 10, 1987 Tirumala Now I have seen God, Shri Venkateshvara (Balaji). Truely a sight of aishwarya. I have to admit that I prefer aishwarya to madhurya. It’s so fantastic inside this temple. This is what I expect to see … Continue reading

South India

February 9, 1987 Vijawada (8 hours from Madras) So now we are in the south of India. It is much different that the north. Hotter, cleaner, fewer beggars, more organized and less rushing. Now we are in the heat. I’ve … Continue reading


January 23, 1987 How are you? I wrote to you from London. I hope you received my letter. England was very successful. I made a number of interesting discoveries about Bhaktivinoda at the India Office Library and at the School … Continue reading