Happiness in a New Home

Thursday, August 18, 2005 9:52:09 AM

There are few things that I know in this world, but one thing is this: Life is like a spring, you can hold it back for some time, but in the end it will expand. And so when it comes to human needs and desires you can repress them for a while, even years, but in the end, they will come to the surface.  Kama Nagari, Sukulina, Haridham and myself have been explorers of the human heart. We have pushed ourselves to the limit. We have lived without material goods, we have denied our human needs and minimized every one of our desires; and we have learned, that to a point and at a certain time in life, there is value in living a life of simplicity and austerity. However, we have also learned that there can be no happiness unless the basic human needs are met and the desires of the heart have been addressed.

In the past I have been cruel to my family, I have brutalized them by forcing them to live a life of austerity at a time when neither of us had the right to do so. My story will show this. So building a home and giving everyone a chance to live a comfortable life is compensation for our life of denial. In the context of American standards it is respectable and appropriate and not beyond our means. I have been careful not over compensate and be excessive.

Whether everyone will be happy in their new life is another matter. It was been my duty as a provider to address the needs of those within my charge in a reasonable and balanced way and I have done so. But we know that happiness does not come from material things and that everyone must take responsibility for their own happiness. Now it is their responsibility to create their own happiness

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