Our First Apartment

Here is a brief description of my first apartment. You may relate to this. The apartment that Kama Nagari and I rented on the first day we arrived in Toronto was located on Walker Avenue. It was on the 5th floor of a 30 story building within walking distance of the University of Toronto.

It was just a one room apartment. They call this a studio. It had one large room about the 6 meters square and off to one end was a kitchen, a very small kitchen. As you came in the door from the elevators out in the hall you could turn left into this large room or right into a small bathroom. On the ground floor was a community laundry. The apartment was north facing and had a long balcony across the front. Anna, Toronto is a very cold city with a long winter and when that north wind blew it was cold. Down stairs in the basement we had one parking space. In total with the parking space we paid $575 each month. This was in 1975 and I bet that apartment today will cost over $1500 per month. In those days $575 was a huge amount for one room, just like $1500 is today, but for us it became our home, our first home. Everyday we would walk to the university together. I would go to my classes and Kama Nagari would go to the Engineering library. Sometimes we would meet for lunch. This was a good time for us, we were young and in love.

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