Quebec City

July 11, 2013 What is the best way to approach a new city? Take the bus tour! So that was the main part of yesterday, but before that I watched the changing of the guard at the citadel. The citadel … Continue reading


Tonight I’m sitting on a mat in my patio outside my studio in Rimrock CA. This is good for doing restful breathing. Tonight is peaceful and it’s absolutely quiet. I can see a billion stars. It always takes me time … Continue reading

Leaving from Pulkava

Saint Petersburg October 23, 2012 Pulkava 2, Saint Petersburg’s international terminal, is just a decade old, yet it looks much older, in fact, desperately antiquated. It’s hard to imagine a more inefficient system of processing passengers, and the absolute worst … Continue reading

Moscow Notes

October 20, 2012 St. Petersburg Russia St. Petersburg and Moscow are about 700 km apart, more or less the equivalent of San Francisco to Los Angeles. This morning I boarded a high speed train, the Sapsan, at 7AM in St. … Continue reading