Turtle soup

Most people know what a canoe is. It’s a boat originally used by the tribal peoples on the east coast of North America for hunting and fishing. It’s a long and thin boat pointed on both ends. You kneel in … Continue reading

The Farm Hand

February 8, 2012 Riverside CA Who has ever heard of stooking? Some of the best years of my youth were spent toiling in the fields near my grandparent’s cottage stooking grain. During the August harvest season the oat and wheat … Continue reading

The Cottage

I have previously mentioned “the cottage.” This cottage was originally the property of my maternal grandfather. It was during the 1950s that he leased the land on the banks of the Trent River and built his summer home. This was his … Continue reading

Little Events

In the course of a person’s life there are watershed events that change the course of a life. I have written about some of those events, my involvement with Krishna Consciousness, my decision to study Sanskrit, my marriage to Kama … Continue reading