Wednesday Aug 6, 2008 This morning I took a bus from Athens to Delphi, a distance of about 160 kms. This was a good chance to see the country. Yesterday I saw the coastal area, now I am seeing the … Continue reading


November 26, 2008 For some inexplicable reason I made no onsite travel notes for Santorini, but this place, beyond question, was the most beautiful island I have ever visited. Terrible oversight, however, I have a good memory and plenty of … Continue reading

Crete, Heraklion

Sunday August 3, 2008 The Palace of Knossos and the Minoans This morning we docked at Crete, fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. I was not impressed with this island. It appears dirty and in disrepair. Of course this kind … Continue reading


Greek Island Tour First Stop August 1, 2008 Made our first ports-o-call at the island of Mykonos. Basically it is a wind swept nothing of a place that has grown up as a result of tourism and has become famous … Continue reading